Bachelor of Business Administration

International E-Commerce; EU Law and Digital Law; Financial Analysis

Working Hour
3 Year


The Bachelor of Business Administration program is dedicated to providing solid fundamental training in law, economics, and management that will enable students to adapt to professional life in relevant practical fields.

The program allows students to acquire theoretical knowledge and corresponding practical skills, as well as digital tools. In the second year of the study, students can choose to enter a specialized direction for in-depth study according to their personal wishes and career plans.

The EEEA offers a bachelor's degree program that lasts three years according to the standards prevailing in France. Each year is divided into two semesters and an internship, which requires students to write a report related to their professional projects. The program teaching is focused on law, economics, and management, with specific specialized courses that contribute to the development of professional competencies.

In the third year, for better professional development, the school offers students internships or work opportunities in partner companies, especially in Asia for students who choose the e-commerce specialization.

International E-Commerce (with Internship in China)

Students will learn the basics of online marketing and then be able to quickly expand their business. They can use the tools for business development and operational marketing, and they will become familiar with the digital evolution of business activities, and ultimately create companies with sustainable growth.

Upon entering the program, the specialization will include a comprehensive introduction to the Chinese language and culture. In the 3rd year, the students need to participate in a mandatory internship of 6-9 months in China, during which language support courses are provided by the partner institution.

EU Law and Digital Law

This direction features an introduction to European law and information technology law for students.

During the three years of study in the program, students will acquire knowledge of private and public law, as well as French law, European law and international law. In addition, in the area of computer science, students will learn about the automatic processing of information: digitization of information, algorithms, and programming (functions, object, and multitasking methods), computer architecture, databases, systems, and networks. Through the study, students master the operation of technical tools and understand and apply mathematical, logical and algebraic concepts in order to solve complex problems.

In this innovative program, course work will ensure students' dual disciplinary competence in law and computer science, with the third year of professional study. The undergraduate curriculum is built around the basic competencies of both disciplines while taking full account of the integration between the two disciplines throughout the program.

In order to better respond to the needs of the European Union in the field of technology, the focus of this track is on the Digital Services Act (DSA) and the Digital Marketplace Act (DMA). This European law track will help students to master the core and rules of European law and, in their professional development, help companies to strategically optimize their business and competition development, human resources management, innovation protection, and litigation.

The program in this direction enables students to gain an in-depth knowledge of business law by studying EU laws and institutions. On top of this, students will also become proficient in the use of relevant digital tools. These tools play a pivotal role for companies to cope with technological changes.

In this direction, students can apply for an apprenticeship contract. Successful applicants will participate in an apprenticeship program where tuition will be paid by the company and the student will receive a monthly stipend. Students are required to complete both their school studies and their work assignments given by the company.

Financial Analysis

The Financial Analysis specialization is dedicated to developing students' basic knowledge of business management and professional skills in finance.

Courses focus on financial analysis and auditing, legal and tax analysis, corporate management and analysis of the economic environment. The curriculum focuses on career-oriented training.

The program will prepare students to enter the following career fields: public finance, auditing, management control and corporate finance, among others. Upon completion, students can choose to enter the business field or opt for a master's degree to study finance or management in further depth.

Program Features: CFA Certification

Our school offers preparation courses for the CFA certification (Chartered Financial Analyst) for students in this program.

This is a U.S. financial certification that is widely recognized Students who earn the certification have the opportunity to work internationally in the financial field. A high level of English proficiency is required.


Business Administration Foundation Courses

Students of business administration are required to complete a minimum of 3 (18 ECTS) foundation courses.

E-Commerce Specialization

E-Commerce students are required to complete a minimum of 30 credits of specialized courses

Law (European and digital) Specialization

Law (European and digital) students are required to complete a minimum of 30 credits of specialized courses.

Financial Analysis Specialization

Financial Analysis students are required to complete a minimum of 30 credits of specialized courses.

Language Courses

All students are required to complete a minimum of 4 (20 ECTS) language courses

General Education Courses

All students are required to complete a minimum of 2 (10 ECTS) general education courses

Elective Courses

Students can choose appropriate courses according to their career plans and study needs

Internships/individual projects

All students are required to complete a short internship/project of 2 months in the first year and an internship/project of 6 months in the second year.

Study Plan

By Modules

Business Administration Foundation Courses


Choose any three courses within the module in the first semester of the first year

Business Administration Specialization Courses

48 (include at least 30 credits of its choice of specialization)

Open from the second semester of the first year. Note that individual courses are subject to prerequisites

Computer Science Skill Courses


One course per semester for the first three semesters

Language Courses


One language course per semester for the first two years, four courses in total

Students who choose the international e-commerce direction are required to take Mandarin or Japanese language courses from the second year onwards

General Education Courses


One course per semester for the first two years, four courses in total

Internships/individual projects 


2 months for the first year

2 months for the second year

6 months for the third year

Elective Courses


Free electives (Note that individual courses are subject to prerequisites)


180 ECTs

By Year





First Year

First Semester (Fall)

  • Business Administration Foundation Course BAF00X Select at least 2 courses
  • Computer Science Foundation Course CSF00X Select 1 course
  • General Education GE001
  • LANEN101 or 201 (depending on language proficiency test results, exempt students may take other language courses)


Second Semester (Spring)

  • Select one among EC001/LAW001/FA001
  • Computer Science Foundation Course CSF00X Select 1 course
  • General Education GE002
  • LANEN102 or 202 (depending on language proficiency test results, exempt students may take other language courses)
  • 2-month internship


Second Year

First Semester (Fall)

  • Select two courses among EC10X/LAW10X/FA10X
  • Computer Science Foundation Course CSF00X Select 1 course
  • One General Education GE10X (General Education level 1 class)
  • LANEN201 or another language course

((E-commerce oriented students are required to take Mandarin or Japanese))


Second Semester (Spring)

  • Select two courses among EC20X/LAW20X/FA20X
  • One General Education GE10X (General Education level 1 class)
  • LANEN202 or other language classes
  • 2-month internship


Third Year

First Semester (Fall)

  • Select one course among EC30X/LAW30X/FA30X
  • Four to five free elective courses


Second Semester (Spring)

  • 6-month internship


Course List

Business Administration majors are required to take the appropriate major courses as required, and if Business Administration students are interested in data science or information technology security courses, they can take them within the credit allowed. Students who wish to obtain a dual degree can refer to the specific requirements for dual degrees in the following section.

For specific courses, please check the course index.


Graduates with a bachelor's degree in business administration can seek positions in the job market in economics and management-related fields requiring a bac+3.

We also offer students career opportunities in Asia, especially in China. The school has established partnerships with relevant institutions.

Students also have the option to continue their studies to obtain a master's degree.



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