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Ecole Européenne d'Etudes Avancées (EEEA) is an educational institution of by the French Ministry of Education. It is located in the 14th arrondissement of Paris and was founded in 2010 as one of the private, high education institutes in France, which offers mainly doctoral programs. In addition to the Ph.D. program, EEEA has been developing its university education in recent years, with pre-college, undergraduate, and master programs, as well as short study and business training for working professionals. The school is committed to promoting business and research cooperation between China and France, and to promoting the transformation of scientific research to industrialization and the transformation of industrialization to scientific research projects, i.e. in both directions.

Historical Development

The school was founded as the Association for Intelligent Decision Making by a group of professors from the University of Paris XII, and further developed into an institute in 2013. The first principal, Mr. Philippe Latour, is a graduate of HEC, founder of Spatialist, a data analytics academic consultancy, author of the best-selling book Géomarketing, long-time guest lecturer at the Paris 12, and invited every year to participate in seminars around the world. 

The current principal is Max Peyrard, who took up his position leading the school in 2018. Mr. Peyrard is an emeritus professor at the Pantheon-Sorbonne University, an HDR professor at a French public university, the author of several publications in the field of management science, and co-founder of the Department of Finance at Pantheon-Sorbonne University.

In 2018, Jean Jacques Levy and Jean David Avenel joined the school. Professor Levy has been teaching computer science at the École Polytechnique for more than 20 years and has extensive experience in the field of computing. Professor Avenel is an emeritus professor at the University XII who has published extensively in the field of management science. With the support of these two professors, the EEEA has developed a strong commitment to computer science and management science. Professor Christian Mestre then joined the school in 2020. He is a renowned expert in public international law and European Union law, who is also the Honorary Rector of the University of Strasbourg, Honorary Dean of the Faculty of Law, Political Science and Management, and former Director of the Centre for International and European Studies at the University of Strasbourg. With the support of Professor Mestre, the University has developed a system of interdisciplinary development of EU law and computer science. ​​In 2021, Gérard Charlin, a contemporary French artist who taught at the Ésad Amiens and whose work has been exhibited in art exhibitions and collected worldwide, arrived at the school. With the full involvement of Mr. Charlin, the school developed its undergraduate and master's programs in art, training students in modern aesthetics in fine arts, design, and art management.

Teaching philosophy

EEEA's educational programs cover pre-college, undergraduate, master's, and doctoral levels, each with a different focus, providing a whole-person education to help students grow.

In the pre-college program, EEEA firstly helps foreign students to improve their French through immersive studies and provides courses to students to prepare French language exams such as TCF, TEF,  DELF, or DALF. Then, students are also recommended to take university-level foundation courses to help them adapt to their future undergraduate studies. What is more, the school also takes care of students' extracurricular life, organizing cultural events to promote cultural exchange and help students to integrate into France.

At the undergraduate level, the school offers a combination of theoretical research and practical professional experience, not only through specialized courses but also through internships and apprenticeship programs. The school provides students with opportunities for overseas internships through international cooperation programs to develop their global vision. Students can also travel to overseas campuses to gain expertise and learn foreign languages while growing as international professionals.

At the master's level, students will be able to further develop their professional knowledge and have ample opportunities to explore career paths or participate in research projects. Students with interdisciplinary backgrounds are also welcome to join the program. With the support of experienced professors, they can explore and integrate multiple disciplines to create their own innovative projects., to enhance their competitiveness in the market or to develop their competence to conduct scientific research.

At the doctoral level, EEEA places special emphasis on the students’ ability to combine theory and practice. The program usually starts with teaching methodology, which is to develop excellent research fundamentals and effective research methods. Then, students are trained to conduct literature research and acquire professional skills under the guidance of supervisors and tutors. We require students to conduct a dialectical study of previous research results in the same field to accumulate experience for their current and future research. The school also prioritizes individualized learning in the teaching approach. Each student is given personalized guidance based on his or her research project and they are accompanied by one research mentor and also one support mentor. For professionals, such as managers, experts, and scholars, who wish to further strengthen their competencies, while training their scientific skills, we also organize seminars, workshops, and other activities to help them get connected with other outstanding professionals in the same field.

Departments and Specialties

Currently, the school is divided into the Department of Computer Science, the Department of Business Administration, the Department of Arts and the Department of French and General Studies. Under each of these schools, different pre-college, undergraduate and master's programs are offered. Specialties include a combined undergraduate degree in computer science and law, an e-commerce program with Asian language training and internships, and a master's degree in art and design management at the intersection of art and management. Details of the diplomas and specializations can be found in the following section.

The school offers an open education at the doctoral level, where students can choose any specialization and EEEA will help match them with mentors, laboratories, and research institutions.


EEEA is a partner institution of the Pantheon-Sorbonne University, Paris XII, INSEAD and the institut Carnot-MICA, which is one of the two largest research institutions in Europe.

In terms of students' career development, the school has assisted former students to sign internship contracts with international companies such as Air France, Huawei and Chanel. For undergraduate education, the school cooperates with schools and companies in China, the United States and Japan, offering internship opportunities abroad.


EEEA has a strong faculty, which is composed of renowned French academics and professors, mainly from Parisian universities and business schools. They have studied advanced methodologies and accomplished achievements in their respective fields of study, as well as published articles in world-class scientific journals. They are all certified as French Ph.D. innovative research scholars. For more information, please see the list of faculty members in the Appendix (excerpts).

School Features

In the context of globalization, the EEEA diploma program allows students to experience European culture, broaden their horizons, and participate in building platforms for business exchange and cooperation between France and China. With study in EEEA, students would be able to advance their management and marketing knowledge and then create business value for individual projects or companies. The school is committed to helping its students become talents with international vision, open-mindedness, and the unique character that society needs. In the past 11 years, with its unique teaching philosophy and innovative management model, EEEA has delivered students with strong scientific and technological competencies to various research fields and many elites in management to French companies. The school commits to building exchanges between Chinese and French talents in science and technology, and to industrializing the results of scientific research. Furthermore, to help our alumni grow in their careers, EEEA has created an alumni alliance for past graduates, covering a wide range of industries, including but not limited to entrepreneurs, management professionals, commerce representatives, researchers, media professionals, etc. 

Global Vision

EEEA is committed to fostering students’ global citizenship in their learning and professional practice through close cooperation with local governments and businesses in different countries. Each branch campus is fully integrated into the local environment, with faculty and students working together to promote the development of the local community.

The main campus is currently located in the 14th arrondissement of Paris, France, and has programs at the pre-college, bachelor, master, and doctoral levels, with students from all over the world who actively participating in local activities in Paris.

The school's branch campus in China is located in Wuhan, Hubei Province. Wuhan is considered to be the economic and educational development center in central China, an essential hub for research and development in science, education, and new industries. It has a large foreign population, making it a good choice for international students seeking employment opportunities. The university's branch campuses in China offer a wide range of undergraduate programs in business, computer science, and the arts, in cooperation with local higher education institutions, In addition, there is a Chinese language program to help students integrate better into local life.

Furthermore, EEEA has received support from the regional government of Louvain to establish a branch campus in Angers for undergraduate education. Meanwhile, it is also on the plan to prepare degree programs and campuses in cooperation with universities and institutes of the United States, Japan, and China.



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